Luminous Links


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This is an “owner favorite” and was designed to copy a genuine diamond ring that she made for herself in several colors, which she always got TONS of compliments on whenever she wore it. Everyone always wanted to buy it off of her finger until they heard the $5,000 cost because of all of the genuine diamonds that covered it. Hence, this visually identical version for a tiny fraction of the cost, due to setting it with man-made, synthetic “diamonds” instead.  When she travels she prefers to take this copy with her, so she has no worry of ever losing her real one.

This band is made up of 3 main interlocking links, each completely covered in pave'-set tiny round stones. The design of the ring ensures that none of the links twist or turn, and that they will sit solid on your finger. It measures just slightly under one-half inch wide and the stone/link design covers the entire front of your finger, from side to side. This design lends itself perfectly to mixing two finish colors to create a dramatic look, or go with a solid rose gold or solid rhodium-platinum finish (like the one you see here), if the two-tone look is not your thing.