Please Note: Sample ring sizes are usually much larger than the size of the finger of the hand model, so this can make the rings look very wide in between the fingers. (Imagine putting a size 8 ring on a size 5 finger.) Please know that this overly wide look is not the case in reality. Our rings look and fit like any other ring in person. Also the brightest diamonds tend to reflect a lot of blue, or rainbow colors back to the camera because of all the natural light refracting off the stone and into the lens – Our stones do this same thing in photos, but in person they do not look blue and they do not have any rainbow colors…they are just bright and clear, appearing as visually identical to real diamonds as possible. They will fool your friends and even many jewelers! Click on the arrow to play the video or stop the video. Click on the name of the item below the video to enter into the item page to see more details and/or add the item to your cart.

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