Mesmerizing Mesh-1/4″

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“Mesh” Diamonds became an amazing new trend/design over the past year. It combines tiny prong-set stones with a hint of open space in-between each stone, to mimic the look of little twinkling lights on a mesh net. Not that mesh rings are soft or flexible like actual mesh net – these rings are as solid and non-moving as all other rings, but the mesh look that's created by spacing out each individual stone really adds an interesting and unique element to the typical eternity band idea.

This eternity band measures 1/4″ wide and the pattern is continuous all the way around. Each little synthetic, mad-made “diamond” is individually set into a 4-prong setting. The base is sterling silver sealed in rhodium-platinum to resist tarnishing when cared for using the instructions that come with every item. This style sold out so fast that we are already down to just our last 2 sizes, which are size 7 and 8.