Crowning Glory

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This design reminds us of a regal crown.  The design is continuous all the way around, and it is made up of tiny round stones mixed in with larger marquis and pear shaped synthetic “diamonds”.  Some are set up & down, some side-to side, and some on an angle, which makes for a very pretty & unique design. The varying shapes, sizes and directions of the stones creates such an interesting look!  This inner stone cluster is framed in by a continuous line of tiny round stones along the top & bottom edge. What also gives this beauty an even more striking look is that the sterling silver base is sealed in black rhodium.  When clear stones are set into a blackened base, the stones can take on a hint of a smokey gray color, which really adds sparkle against the black base. For all of these reasons, we think that this ring is one of our most unique and coolest!  This measures 3/8″ wide continuously all the way around.