Iconic Infinity – Gold

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This necklace puts a glamorous spin on the hot trend of wearing “Infinity” jewelry pieces. Why has this symbol/design gained dramatic popularity over the past few years? The word infinity is derived from ‘infinitas’, a Latin word, meaning endless or eternal. It is said to represent that the one who wears it is boundless, everlasting and limitless. It also serves to remind us that life is infinite & eternal – our time on earth may be finite, but our souls exist forever. The Infinity symbol has been in use for more than a thousand years, depicting a figure eight lying sideways, and is something from which people have been able to draw their strength. When one person gives this piece to another it is said to represent that their bond and the love between them is boundless and limitless….so time nor space, not even death, can break that bond. Such a beautiful and meaningful sentiment to give as a gift, right?

This Infinity necklace measures 3/4″ wide and 1/4″ tall. It sits stationary between the two sides of the dainty chain. The chain is adjustable and can be locked in place with the small claw-lock anywhere between 15″ – 18″ long. The entire piece is done in sterling silver that has been sealed in 18kt yellow gold. (We also have this available in the rose gold finish as well, until it sells out.) The infinity sign is channel-set with over 30 tiny round synthetic, man-made “diamonds” and each end is tipped with a larger round stone, which is set into a 4-prong setting.