Starburst Sensation

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This gold & black two-tone pendant measures 7/8″ and it drops down a total of 1.25″ from the chain when you add in the long bezel loop that it dangles from. The shape falls somewhere in-between round and oval. The pendant has a matte gold finish, and there is a starburst pattern in the center set with 9 clear stones, which stand out and shimmer against the black-rhodium setting they are each in. There are 20 more stone in the halo outline of this piece, and 5 more covering the bezel drop from top-to-bottom.
This pendant slides along the adjustable chain, which has also been sealed in 18kt matte yellow gold. The chain can be worn anywhere between 16-18″ long, depending on which loop you insert the claw-lock into along the extender chain of loops in the back. the front 5″ on both sides of the chain are accented with two large round stones set into a black-rhodium bezel, which adds even more elegance and sparkle to this necklace.

NOTE: We have several small drop earrings that would go great with this necklace. They are not yet posted to the site, but feel free to contact us to inquire about these if you are interested.