Cosmic Clover

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The chain on this necklace is pretty enough to stand on its own and be worn alone, or layered with some of our other rose gold finished items. But when you add this sparkly clover pendant onto it then it becomes truly spectacular!  The beauty of this chain is created by placing 10 tiny, double-sided discs every inch or so, running all along the chain from front to back. Each disc is covered in 7 tiny round synthetic diamonds on the front and the back side.  This necklace can be worn at 16″, 17″ or 18″ long, depending on which of the 3 tiny loops you lock the claw lock into in the back of the necklace.  Then, hanging down 3/4′ from the chain is a beautiful clover-shaped pendant that has a design of little starbursts of bling inside the border. Even the bezel drop that this pendant hangs from is covered in these same tiny synthetic diamonds. Every inch of this seems to sparkle! This is made from nickel-free sterling silver that is sealed in 18kt rose gold to resist tarnishing when cared for properly.