Petite Paper Clips


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This is one of our daintier paper clip style necklaces and it is so ON TREND! The new craze of “paper clip” jewelry is hard to miss because you'll notice it popping up in photos and on TV shows, worn by just about every stylish celebrity out there, as you can see in some of the photos here. What is Paper Clip jewelry??? It is any necklace, bracelet or drop earring that is made up of interlocking elongated rectangle or oval links. This look is great for more casual, everyday wear because most of the time these designs aren't set with any stones/bling.

This necklace can be worn at any length up to a max of 17.5″ long. You can adjust it to any shorter length by simply placing the claw lock into any link along the chain. The links measure 0.36″ long X 0.12″ wide. The chain is a shiny and smooth-finish sterling silver, which has been sealed in rhodium-platinum to resist tarnishing when cared for properly. This chain is also very lightweight to wear as well so it's great for everyday.