Lengthy Luxury


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This 33.5″ necklace can be worn in one long single strand look, by simply putting it over your head without even having to unlock it, or you can use the lock to open it and double it, to make it appear to be a double-layered, shorter necklace, wearing the top layer at 15-16″ and the bottom layer just under the top, at 17″ or so.

This is a ONE OF A KIND piece for us and it is a real stunner! Each section is made up of 20-30 round synthetic “diamonds” that measure approximately 2.9mm in size (.10ct each). Then, in between each of these sections, are 8 focal points of the necklace, which are created by a .60ct rectangle “diamond” placed in-between 2 small round “diamonds”, and then giving all 3 of these stones a halo border of tiny round stones. This amazing statement piece has a total of approximately 28 carats of these synthetic “diamonds” in it, so it sparkles like crazy, and every stone is meticulously prong-set just like an genuine diamond necklace would be.

The base is sterling silver that has been sealed in rhodium-platinum to prevent tarnishing.
In a store this piece would retail for somewhere around $1500. Our wholesale, manufacturer's cost is just one-third of retail.