Stoneless Shimmer – Large


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This is the perfect style for someone that does not want any stones in their hoop earrings, but still wants them to catch the light and sparkle. This line of stoneless hoops come in 4 size:

Small: 0.90″ / 2 grams
Med: 1.25″ / 3 grams
Large:`.75″ / 4 grams
Extra Large: 2.25″ / 5 grams

These are made out of 2mm thick sterling silver that is “diamond-etched” so that it has a ribbed texture that catches the light and shimmers as the light bounces off. All are super light weight and gorgeous!

The sterling silver is sealed in rhodium-platinum, so these resist tarnishing when cared for properly. To lock them just click the post into the little horseshoe-shaped prong hook in the back.