Foam Jewelry Cleaner



We call this specially formulated jewelry cleaner our little foaming miracle!  One bottle has over 100 pumps of foaming jewelry cleaner in it. This comes in a 4-pc kit, which includes an elegant drawstring white organza storage bag, an instruction booklet, a mini jewelry cleaning special scrubbing brush, and of course a bottle of this amazing jewelry cleaner.  Since it is a foam you can even keep it in your purse, or pack it in a suitcase to take on your travels.  The problem with most jewelry cleaners, or even windex or a lot of bottled soaps, is that they have chemicals in them.  In fact most of those little jars of colored liquid jewelry cleaner that many jewelry stores sell are actually made with mostly ammonia and alcohol. While these harsh chemicals can't damage a diamond (and therefore would not damage our stones either), they do tend to be really tough on finishes/seals.  But our gentler foam cleaner can be used every week or every month and it will never dull or harm your shiny finishes.

It is gentle enough to use on ALL of your jewelry items including: Genuine diamonds & gems, opals, pearls, emeralds, silver, gold, costume jewelry, etc. But the best part about this cleaner is how amazingly clean and sparkly it gets all of your stones. It literally makes them look just about brand new again.  We have dozens of customers that come back year after year to buy 4 or 5 bottles from us each time, because after many of their friends see how clean & sparkly their jewelry always looks they ask for a bottle too.

To show you how great this cleaner works we not only show 3 examples of “before & after” rings, but we even used it on 2 Swarovski Crystal chandeliers to really show you the dramatic results this cleaner can achieve.