Crowning Glory Cuff Bracelet


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This cuff bracelet is from our “Italian Flair” line of coordinating earrings, rings & bracelets. This cuff flexes a bit so you can squeeze it to fit as tight on your wrist as you need it to, or leave the back opening spread apart wider to fit up to an 8″ wrist. Wear it right at the wrist, or move it up your arm a bit to wear it above the wrist – you decide. This measures 0.7″ (17.8mm) thick/wide. This has a beautiful brushed silver finish with a yellow gold beaded edge that has a zig-zag triangle design just inside of the edge. There are also 26 raised diamond-shaped gold accents evenly spaced out across the entire front of the cuff. In the center of each raised decorative section is a small 1mm round synthetic “diamond” stone, and there is also a stone set into the center of every triangle along the top & bottom edge. These stones give the bracelet a subtle and classy sparkle element and the 18kt gold seal behind each stone really makes them stand out. The dual finish allows this bracelet to go great with other jewelry of both finishes (silver or gold).
The main part of the base metal is sterling silver that has been sealed in rhodium-platinum to resist tarnishing when cared for properly. This has 38 grams of silver, so it is quite substantial and well-made.

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