Petite Paper Clip Bracelet – Silver or Gold


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It's hard not to notice the biggest trend in jewelry that has swept the nation over these past several months. Every celebrity and fashion blogger is wearing this “Paper Clip” trend, or talking about it. This type of jewelry includes anything that is made up of joining elongated oval or rectangle links. People love this design because it's simple yet makes a big statement and you can easily layer a bunch together, or mix it in with other jewelry items. These look great alone or layered with anything else you might have. We have just brought in tons of “Paper Clip” necklaces, bracelets and earrings for the coming season. This is one of our daintier link styles, with each oval link measuring 1/2″ long and a little under a quarter-inch wide.

This item is a 7″ long bracelet made up of 16 interlocking oval links. It locks with a claw lock that is nice and chunky, so it's easier to hold and manage. You can also wear this bracelet at any shorter length because you can just lock the claw into a different open link to wear it shorter than 7″ if needed. This is made from nickel-free sterling silver, and we have it sealed in both a rhodium-platinum seal, as well as an 18kt gold seal, depending on your preference. Both resist tarnishing when cared for properly.