Buy Borrowed Bling Gift Certificates

Purchase a gift certificate for a Borrowed Bling membership subscription or for credit value that they can use to purchase anything they like.
The perfect gift for your friends and family.
Remember that you can also ask someone to buy you a Gift Certificate from us too. Just email them our link.

To purchase a Borrowed Bling Gift Certificate you do not have to become a member and there is no processing or waiting period.
The certificate will be sent to you, or the recipient, (your choice) immediately. Just click on which certificate you'd like to purchase below and all you will be required to provide for us is your payment info and a contact email used to deliver the gift certificate. (There will also be an option available to you so that you can print it out and present the gift yourself instead of having it emailed directly to the recipient.)

  Please note that there is no further obligation beyond the 3- month time periods above for you or the recipient of the certificate.

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