These are genuine Havaiana flip-flops, imported from Brazil. They have an international reputation for being the most comfortable flip-flop in the world, with the best quality. They are made with 100% rubber so the spring and cushion of the sole bounces back and lends support for the life of the shoe. These items can take 2 to 8 weeks to ship out. If there is a color or size that you need and don't see listed, please email us to inquire.

Please note that all flip flop orders are final sales and they cannot be returned for credit or refund, since each pair is custom made for you based on your specific order for size and crystal color.

Sizing: Since Havaiana goes by European sizing please note that the sizes we list here are typical U.S sizes but the size that will appear on the shoe when it arrives will be one size smaller. So if you want a size 8/9 for example the shoe will arrive saying 7/8, but it will still be about 10" long from toe tip to back heel and will fit like a U.S size 8/9. So when placing your order here just go with what size you normally wear.

This pair is a white base with AB (iridescent clear) Swarovski crystals on them. The top part is completely covered in 3 rows of Swarovski crystals, for a total of approximately 400 individually placed stones. These are very popular for brides who want to change into comforable dancing shoes for the reception. These can also come with a high wedge heel if you need a little height for your dress. Email us directly to upgrade your order to the wedge heel version not currently shown on our site.

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