This is simple elegance at its finest! The cut of the center stone is a rare cut, called the "Cushion Cut". For those of you who don't know too much about this cut, it became very popular in the past two years and it is basically a square, princess type of cut, but here the sides and corners are slightly rounded off so that it looks more like a square pillow - hence the name "Cushion Cut". It is truly beautiful and multi-faceted for ultimate sparkle. The center stone is approximately three carats, and is set between two half-carat traingle shaped "Trillion" stones. The stones are all elevated off the finger a tiny bit, in a slightly heightened setting, to let ultimate light come in from behind the stones so that each one is alive with fire and brilliance! The band is a simple thin band, without stones. We also have this exact same ring with a canary yellow center, so look for that on our site also, in the Duchess Closet, called Classic Canary Cushion.
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CLASSIC CLEAR CUSHION ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry
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