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Our Philosophy realizes the nuisance of having to buy expensive jewels or a costly evening bag, just so it can be worn a few times a year, for special occasions. Then, once everyone has "seen it", most of us never want to wear these costly items again and end up wanting to buy something new for each big event. That is where comes to the rescue, by offering a unique and ingenious solution to this dilemma.

We stock the finest in evening accessories, including: belts, jewels, crystal evening bags and accessories. Yet, on our site you have two choices for how to get these gorgeous items into your possession. You can sign up as a BUYER ONLY and then you are free to just "click and buy" any items that you like for the purchase price shown. There are no monthly membership fees associated with being signed up with us as a BUYER. Or, if you prefer an endless variety of merchandise, then signing up as a BORROWING MEMBER is probably better suited for you. As a borrowing member, instead of purchasing you can BORROW our items for a small monthly membership fee. Items can be checked out and then returned, as needed. As a borrowing member you do not ever have to pay the purchase price for any item you like. Your small monthly membership dues enable you to check out 2 or 3 items at a time (depending on your membership level) for only the small cost of your monthly fee. Now you can have a brand new, and never seen before, item to wear at each special event without having to make any permanent or costly investments, and you will never again have to worry about getting tired of always having to wear the "same old thing". Being a member of is like having an upscale and exclusive department store at your disposal 24 hours as day, where everything is not only allowed, but also encouraged, to be worn and then returned.

This is the answer to every females shopping fantasy!

Think about this ladies... how many multi-carat genuine diamond rings or necklaces can you own? Most of us are lucky if we can ever afford one or two in a lifetime and then everyone we know has seen these same pieces on us, over and over again. This is your chance to add variety to your pre-existing jewelry collection, and we assure you that everyone will think that everything you wear is real. Why? Our gems are guaranteed to stand up against even the best diamonds and genuine stones out there. Many of the jewelry pieces that we carry are often used on television shows because they are a more affordable way to get the exact look of genuine diamonds, even under the brightest lights and closest camera shots. You can currently see some of our jewelry on several of the characters on "The Young and the Restless" soap opera. Our products are also sold to celebrities, and if our items are good enough for their sophisticated tastes, we assure you, they will impress you too!

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How Our Site Works

How Our Site Works

It is elegantly easy!

  1. Sign up for whichever of our 3 membership levels you are comfortable with. Countess $29.95 / Duchess $49.95/ Movie Star $99.95. Or just sign up with is as a BUYER ONLY which allows you to purchase and own any items that you see and desire. There are no monthly membership fees associated with being just a buying member.
  2. Browse items at your membership level for gorgeous merchandise.
  3. Click on the items you wish to borrow or buy and check out.
  4. Your items will arrive to you within approximately 2 - 5 business days, along with a pre-paid way to get them back to us via UPS.
  5. Enjoy these items until you are ready to exchange them for new ones. Keep them a matter of days, or even months. Then simply put them back in the same box they came in, or the padded mailing envelopes we include for you, attach our pre-paid return UPS label, and send the items back to us.
  6. As soon as you see that these items have been checked back in on your "My Account" page, you are ready to check out other great items.

Introductory Pricing Guarantee

Our guarantee to you...
Although our prices may have to increase slightly, from time to time, as silver or gold costs fluctuate, or UPS raises their shipping fees, etc. - please be assured that we offer a "locked in pricing guarantee" for a full year for all new members. Therefore, it is best to sign up for a renting membership as soon as possible to lock in the current rate for an entire year, before any pricing changes occur, which can happen at any time, due to the changing markets described above. This way you can be sure that the closet level you choose, (whether it be $29.95, $49.95 or $99.95 per month), will not increase for at least a full years time, if you end up remaining a member of our site for that long, as most do. And, as always, a BUYING ONLY membership is always completely free.

Membership Levels

We have 4 membership levels to choose from:

  • If you are a Buyer Only, there is NO monthly membership fee. You will not be allowed to borrow any items but this level grants you access to browse and purchase any of our items for the posted wholesale price.
  • If you are a Countess Member, you have access to everything in the Countess Closet for $29.95 a month. This allows you to borrow up to 2 items at a time, up to as many as you want each month.
  • If you are a Duchess Member, you have access to everything in the Duchess Closet & the Countess Closet for $49.95 a month. This allows you to borrow up to 2 items at a time, up to as many as you want each month.
  • If you are a Movie Star Member, you have access to everything, in all three of our closets for $99.95 a month. This also allows you to borrow up to 3 items at a time, up to as many as you want each month.
    (As a Movie Star member you also have access to our "Awards Night" premium items - you will be charged an additional monthly fee per premium item, while it is out on rent to you.

(Please note that you can upgrade or downgrade your membership closet at any time by logging into your "Membership" page. However you can only downgrade your level after all previously borrowed items are returned and logged in with us and there is no partial month credit if you downgrade to a lower level before your next billing cycle.)

Damages & Loss

Simple wear and tear on items is normal. On jewelry items it is possible to break a clasp or a have a stone come out. On our evening bags we are aware that a few stones can come off during frequent use. These typical occurrences are not considered damage and there are no penalties to you. Damage is something that makes the item un-repairable, such as dropping a crystal purse and breaking the lock or having huge chunks of stones come off, or cracking a necklace in half or breaking a piece off. These damages are something that you will be charged for at our discretion. Usually damage reimbursement will be figured by taking half the cost of the "BUY" price of the item. But keep in mind that our products are tested and borrowed on a continuous basis and we know that an item truly has to be mishandled to break in a way that causes real damage. Purses must be dropped onto hard surfaces and jewelry must be stepped on or bent in strange configurations. We trust that all of our members will take care to ensure that nothing like this happens. If any of the items do not come back to us for any reason you will be responsible to pay the full purchase price for each item that was lost. We provide a trackable, pre-paid UPS label for you to return these items to us, so if an item does not reach us successfully we will check with UPS to ensure that there is proof that you indeed did get it back into the mail to us. If this cannot be substantiated then you are liable for the cost of the missing item(s).


We require a three - month minimum commitment to satisfy your Initial Rental Term. It usually takes this much time to really see the benefit and fun in having an endless supply of jewels at your disposal and to test our many different looks and see our quality. When you first join you will be billed your appropriate membership level fee as one charge – So $29.95 for a Countess Level membership for example. Then you will also see a second, separate charge come through for your 2nd and 3rd month membership fees combined (so $59.90 for a Countess membership). So you are immediately paid up for unlimited rentals for 3-months from the first day of sign-up. Check our your 2-3 items (depending on your membership level) right away and then return them back to us as soon as you are done with them so that you can check out new ones again! There is no limit to how long you can hold onto your items, as long as your membership is paid up and currently active. After your 3rd month of membership is complete you can call or email us at any time to cancel, and you’ll never see another charge from us again. Or you can let your membership continue, in which case you will then be charged your membership around the same day each month going forward until such time that you decide to cancel and let us know, with confirmation back from us letting you know that we received your request. You cannot cancel or refuse to pay your membership fees for any reason during these first 3 months, and all of your rented items must be safely back in our hands before you will be able to cancel your membership at any point after that . Also please note that there is a late fee if your monthly fees cannot be collected for more than 5 days. Once your account is past due for more than 5 days you will incur a 25 percent late fee for that month, so it is best to ensure that there is always enough room on your credit card to cover your $29.95, $49.95 or $99.95 monthly dues on the day that they are due (usually the same day of the month that you signed up with us).


All items are shipped to you via United States Post Office, and most items arrive within 2 - 5 days. If you are renting your items then they will always arrive with a padded bubble mailing envelope included for you, so that you can easily get your items back to us when you are done using them. Whenever you are ready to send your goods back to us simply shoot us an email or call to let us know and we will email you a PRE-PAID shipping label that you will print and tape to that bubble mailing envelope that you can hand to any postal carrier. There is a $14.95 flat-rate round-trip shipping charge assessed to your account each time your borrowed item(s) go out to you. If you borrow more than one item at a time and they can go out in the same package so that you will only be charged ONE $14.95 round-trip shipping fee for all of the items. As soon as you see on your "My Account" page that these items have reached us and have been logged in, you are immediately free to borrow new items. (Please make sure that any velvet or leather boxes/pouches that your jewelry arrived with are also returned to us with your items because there is a $4.95 charge for each missing jewelry box that does not come back to us.)

Return & Credit Policy / Cancellation Policy

If you have signed up as a borrowing member for one of our 3 closet levels, please note that once you sign up with us there will be no credits or refunds given on your monthly membership fee. Until the time that you notify us via email, 14 days prior to your next billing date, that you wish to cancel your membership, we will continue to view you as an active member and extend all borrowing privileges to you that accompany your membership level. Therefore we will automatically bill you for your membership fees on the same day each month. We do reserve the right to put your account on temporary suspension if items are not returned to us, or if they arrive back with serious damage. Also please note that by signing up with us you are agreeing to remain a member of our site for the 3-month "initial term commitment" period, during which time your monthly dues will be charged. After that you are welcome to cancel if you wish, as long as all of your borrowed items are successfully returned to us prior to canceling. You can easily cancel your membership by logging into the site with your user name and password and then clicking on the link in the top menu bar that says CANCEL MEMBERSHIP. You will be sent a confirmation email from us within 1 to 24 hours, giving you proof of your cancellation. If you do not receive that email for any reason please contact us via phone or email immediately.

If you have signed up as a BUYER ONLY you are never charged a monthly fee of any kind. You will however be allowed to log in and purchase items to own. Please note that we do not offer any refunds or credits back to your credit card for returned merchandise. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason please let us know via email or phone (within 48 hours of receiving the item), and we will allow you to return the item back to us within 5 business days of receiving your item and exchange it for another of equal value. Please note that we do not credit or apply any shipping charges back to your account and that you will also be responsible to ship the item back to us, insured and trackable, at your own cost.

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