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The concept of a tree of life has been used as a common motif in dozens of world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies for centuries. It is seen as a symbol for the interconnection of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for the concept of unity among all people, since we are all created from the same place and elements. The tree of life is worn to remind us that all forms of creation are connected, but it is often given as a bond between family members, where the trunk is the family unit itself, with many unique branches and leaves all connected to that same strong base. So this makes quite a lovely gift and has deep meaning for many who wear it.

The meaning of the Tree of Life is simple..... We are all children of the Universe, but we all have the responsibility to grow to be a unique person and keep reaching up to the light, the stars, the possibility of the future. The roots remind us that we are connected to the roots and ancestry of our past, our history, our lineage. Wearing this item is said to bring on a spiritual feeling of peace and connectedness.

This particular rendition of the symbol is quite exquisite because the tree is encrusted with tiny, sparkling stones, which sit atop the genuine mother-of-pearl disc background. This gives this pendant necklace a bit of a 3-D effect. The pendant sits between the adjustable 16" - 18" chain. The round pendant measures approximately 1" across and tall.

As is the case with almost all of our jewelry, the setting is high quality sterling silver (with no nickel in it), which is then sealed behind a layer of rhodium-platinum to prevent tarnishing, as long as the item is cared for properly.

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