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This is one of our newest necklaces and it is great for dressy occasions! We all know that the layered look is the hottest thing in fashion right now, and although this necklace makes it look like you are layering 5 different lengths of necklaces together, it is really just one elaborate piece. The shortest top strand will hit you at about 16" and the longest bottom strand will hit at about 20". Each strand is made up of 220 to 280 individually set round stones, (depending on which layer it is) with a larger round stone staggered every 1.25" along each layer. The design goes all the way around to the back so it still looks sparkly and lovely even when hair is worn up in back. The setting is sterling silver sealed in rhodium-platinum so that they won't tarnish. This necklace also comes in a 3-strand version, which is a bit less dressy and dramatic.

This is a "Premium Item' in the movie star closet, which means that after you have paid your normal $99.95 monthly membership fee we will charge through the whole cost of the necklace as a security deposit, and then once the item is returned safely to us, we will refund the entire deposit back to you, minus a one-time $99 "premium rental fee" no matter how long you have kept the item.

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