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Because of the huge amount of stones and carats, this beauty is considered one of our premium "Award Night" items and carries a one-time, non-refundable rental fee of $75 in addition to your monthly membership fee. No matter how long you keep this item you only pay one $75 fee, as long as your monthly membership fees are paid up and active for as long as you keep this bracelet in your possession.

This elegant bracelet is made up of 16 interlocking large links, each completely covered in tiny pave’ set stones, for ultimate sparkle and shimmer. This is a much larger version of our "Charming Chain Links" bracelet. With over 1200 individual tiny, round stones you can only imagine the brilliance this bracelet has as it catches the light, moving on your wrist. It measures 7 & 1/4" long and is approximately 15.3 mm (slightly over 1/2") wide. This is one of our larger bracelets and it is meant for dressy occasions. It has a flat box lock that is covered in pave’ stones as well. This bracelet also comes in a yellow gold finish as well. The bracelet is guaranteed never to tarnish, dull or change color. It is also available in a gorgeous yellow finish as well.

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