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We have a full line of wonderful bangle bracelets imported from Italy, that are made from high quality sterling silver, which come sealed in rhodium-platinum, 18 kt yellow gold or rose gold, or black rhodium. The best part of these Italian designs is that they close and lock with strong magnets, so they are very easy to get on and off by yourself. They stay securely closed until you are ready to take them off, and then you just pull hard to separate the two magnetic ends. The magnets don't show and the ends of the bangle bracelet are beautifully finished so no one will know your secret. These kinds of bracelets fit average sized wrists, measuring 6" to 7.5" (give or take a bit) when you measure them tightly with a measuring tape all the way around. If you have an extremely small wrist, or a very large wrist, we do not recommend these styles.

This particular style has a thinner, ribbed design and the front is covered in a long, rounded barrel, which is completely covered in tiny, round stones with tons of shimmer and shine! These Italian mesh bangles are fun, gorgeous, super easy to get on and off, and go with anything! They can be worn daily for casual wear because the ribbed bangle part is very sporty, or save it for special occasions as a dressy accessory because the shimmering bling accents also give it a dressy element. Very versatile! The look best when you stack several different colors together.

All items in our Italian Line are for purchase only and cannot be rented.

for $169.00 ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry
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