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This item truly has to be seen in person to even comprehend how truly beautiful it is. Pictures just can't do enough justice to it. This bracelet is definitely for special occasions! It has 26 large pear shaped stones, measuring 1.5 carats each, which flow across the whole bracelet like a river of diamonds sparkling in the sun! Each pear is surrounded by a halo outline of tiny, round stones and is joined together by two bezel-set stones in between each pear. The total carat weight of this amazing beauty is over 40 carats!

The lock has two figure 8's for extra security because you certainly would never want to lose this baby! The entire thing is set into sterling silver and sealed in rhodium-platinum so that it will not tarnish. The total length of the bracelet is 7.5 but it can be custom ordered in a smaller size for tinier wrists as well. This can also be custom ordered in rose gold or yellow gold seal as well. Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for custom orders if we currently do not have your length or color in stock, which you can check on by calling us directly at (877) 672-7978.

for $349.00 ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry
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