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This dynamite ring is made from Tungsten, which has a density similar to gold. It is a super hard substance that is resisitant to tarnishing and scratching. It is a hypoallergenic substance since there is no nickel or cheap alloy in it, and it never needs polishing to keep a shine. It has a higher gloss and shine than even Titanium, unless it is purposely brushed and dulled for design. It is also 4 times harder than Titanium, making it longer lasting and sturdy. This ring is just over 6 mm wide. The design is very simple and modern. The shiny finish is a darkened silver tone with gold accents every half-inch that resemble tiny screws driven into the band - very hip, very cool. Please note that although our drop down sizing window shows sizes 9 thru 13 for our men's rings that in most cases we only stock size 10 & 11 for immediate shipping. Other sizes shown could take a week or two to mail out, while we make it up for you. We will email you within 24 hours to let you know how fast your item will be shipping out, or feel free to call or email us with the exact name of your ring so that we can give you an approximate shipping time estimate.
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We are working on a line of jewelry for men right now. Please check back with us next month to see some of the new items we will have. ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry
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