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As you probably know if you look at any of the celebrity filled magazines, or watch the Grammy Awards, all of today's hottest stars wear Kippy brand belts when they want to stand out. They have been seen on Madonna, Gretchen Wilson and hundreds of other celebrities. Kippy brand belts are only available at a small handful of exclusive boutiques and are often over $600 a piece to purchase. Each one is custom made to order, by hand, in only one factory in the United States, where they use only the softest lamb's skin leather and Swarovski Austrian Crystals, which are the finest and most expensive crystals in the world.

We try to keep a small handful of these on hand in our borrowing closets, but if you want to be able to custom order your own size, in a variety of colors and styles, then purchasing these is the only way to be more specific with what you want. And, if you don't see exactly what you want here, we can get you ANY design you want, in ANY size you want. Just email or call to inquire. Please note that anything ordered from this "Purchase Only" closet can take anywhere from 3 - 8 weeks to arrive.

This item is known as the "Traffic Line" belt because the design looks like lines in the street. It is 1 & 1/4" wide and done in soft black leather. The belt is set with a mixture of Jet Black crystals, Clear crystals and Black studs, all the same size and shape, which cover the entire belt. The 2" buckle, tip and keeper compliment this belt and are set with the Clear stones, which are outlined by a row of Black crystals as well. This is known as the "recessed pave buckle set" and is the most expensive kind of set to have on a Kippy belt. Just choose your size below, or call / email us to request this in any color or design that you don't see here.

for $329.00 ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry ~ shop like the celebrities and borrow jewelry
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