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The OVAL shaped hoop has become one of Borrowed Bling's signature designs. Everyone in our office prefers the oval shape to the round because they are a bit longer and therefore more of the stones show in front and they seem to give more sparkle and get more notice.

These are our largest oval hoops, measuring a full 2 inches long and 1.5 inches across. The width of bling is about 1/8" wide. There are two things about this hoop that we love the most: One is the fact that every inch is covered in stones - the entire front and the entire inside back are pave'-set with hundreds of individually set stones, so you don't see any of the setting color showing in between the stones. The second thing that we love about this oval hoop is the security lock. With this newly trademarked locking system you can never lose an earring again because once you click the front post into the back of the earring you cannot release the post again until you press down on a tiny button in the back of the earring, which will then release its hold on the post so that you can take the earring off. So if you're taking a shirt on and off, or brushing your hair, or doing the any number of routine things that frequently result in an earring coming out and getting lost, this cannot happen with the security lock on these.

These are set in sterling silver, sealed in rhodium-platinum so that they will not tarnish.

Although we do rent out our medium and large size of these hoops, due to the high value and limited supply of this extra large size, these are only for purchase. These are also available in black, rose and yellow gold as well. Look for those colors also shown on the site. We are confident that whichever size you get, you will absolutely LOVE these hoops and they will become your “go-to” hoops for everyday wear, although with this extra large size they are great for dressy occasions as well!

for $249.00
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